Novelty: The Amazing Spider-Man toaster. It's hip. It's now. It's "wow." [BBTS]

Creators: Jonah Hex co-creator Tony DeZuniga is in extremely critical condition after suffering a stroke and his family is currently seeking donations to help cover his medial costs. [ComicArtCommunity]

Music: Livid Records has signed Faulkner Detectives, a New York City-based indie band featuring Archie's Alex Segura (guitar/vocals), Elizabeth Keenan-Penagos (bass), Vanessa Lopez (drums) and Meg Wilhoite (vocals/keyboards). [Livid]

Fresh Ink! Online: Blair Butler and Daniel Corey (Moriarty) talk Manhattan Projects, The Walking Dead, The Shadow, 3Story, America's Got Powers, Batman, Hell Yeah, John Carter, The Punisher and Peanuts. [G4]

Logos: Valiant has unveiled its newly-designed logo by Rian Hughes. [Valiant]

Anime: Schick's Japanese Neon Genesis Evangelion ads are... surreal, to say the least. [Crunchyroll]

Cosplay: Pikachu costumes are plentiful at cons, but Don Schwabs manages to freshen things up with his Pokémon card cosplay. [io9]

Video: HDM Projects recreates Game of Thrones promos with Playmobil figures. [Neatorama]

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