Movies: Andrew Garfield looks like he's set to shred some NYC pavement, while Emma Stone is rocking some serious boots. The Amazing Spider-Man has me wanting to hit the halfpipe (without shattering my collarbone). [MovieWeb]

Gaming: DC Universe Online is planning to form "super servers" to help address current server queue times for players. "Super Server" kind of sounds like a Silver Age Batman villain working at a modern day TGI Fridays. [Joystiq]

Creators: Twelve manga artists, including Rieko Saibara, donated their time and artistic skills to more than 2,000 residents and evacuees recently affected by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear reactor issues in Japan's Kawamata, Fukushima prefecture last week. [The Comics Reporter]

Display: Youseph Tanha's Ikea comic book photo frame hack is a super affordable way for DIYers to display their favorite single issues (or simply comics-sized art). Nicely done! []

Art: Sword & Sworcery are going to love these S&S-style Star Wars sprites by Slaterman23. Can you imagine the SW score S&S style? Music to my soul. [Kotaku]

Gaming: Thor stars Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston give Sega's Thor: God of Thunder a virtual spin in a new video. [SuperHeroHype]

Music: Adam WarRock's just released "Sinister Six," a nearly 10-minute long megatrack about Spider-Man's assembly of foes. The samples are nuts on this one. [Adam WarRock]

Toys: Atlas and P-Body of Portal 2 fame spring to custom action figure life care of Chris Hooton. [Toycutter]

Tools: Hillary Allison and Maggie Siegel-Berele demo a nib hack that could save you precious time, money and stress if you're a dip pen kind of person. [The Beat]

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