Movies: The Star Wars films are coming to Blu-ray in September. A set of all six will set you back $140, but they're said to be packed with the kind of extras that make it worth it. The only extra I want is Han shooting first. [Gizmodo]

TV: DC's comiXology app now houses more than comics. Users can now download the first hour of NBC's superhero series The Cape. [Spinoff]

History: Tom Pinchuk makes us all jealous with photos from a 1998 tour of the Marvel offices he went on as a lad. [Comic Vine]

Art: Chris B. Murray mashes up X-Men, Hellboy and Batman iconography for the awesome "Nerd Wars." [Super Punch]

Pinbacks: The popularity and prevalance of comic buttons (or pinbacks) has kind of slowed in recent years, but those wishing to look in on their heyday can check out GoldenAgeComicBookStories and Mark [Boing Boing]

Artists: Jim Woodring warms up his giant steel dip pen, Nibbus Maximus. [Creative Review]

Threads: Though Beetle Bailey himself is rarely seen wearing anything other than standard-issue soldier fare, fans of Mort Walker's creation can don civvies in his honor. [Robot6]

Gaming: THQ seems just as excited as we do about a Masters of the Universe videogame. Also, it will look nothing like this. [Pie Monkey]

More Threads: Things Ript tees have taught me yesterday: Pokéballs have reactor cores. [Topless Robot]

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