Awesome: The "Star Wars" Tauntaun sleeping bags teased by ThinkGeek the are finally about to become a reality... I think? (Topless Robot)

Manga: A Maryland school freaks out and plans to pull "Dragon Ball Z" from shelves after an angry parent complains about its "sexual" content. I always find it amazing how in Japan, occasional comedic nudity or slightly off-color jokes are taken in stride, but in America overprotective parents somehow warp that into subversive attacks on the decency of their children, or even categorize it as "softcore porn," as a Texas parent did with "DBZ" in 1999. I guess this is what happens when you descend from Puritans. (ANN)

Retro: Speaking of people freaking out over comics, go corrupt yourself by reading downloadable versions of the comics condemned by Frederic Wertham in "Seduction of the Innocent," the 1954 book that prompted the wholesale whitewashing and censorship of the comic book industry. (The Beat)Art: An illustrated newspaper clipping by Roger Langridge that imagines Charlie Brown as a "bald midget" who tries to bludgeon his psychiatrist (Lucy) to death with a can of... peanuts. (Comics Reporter)

Gaming: Wil Wheaton will be a Dungeon Master for charity next weekend, as he DMs speed dungeons in Tucson to benefit Child's Play. (Boing Boing)

Threads: The Last Unicorn... the dress? (@unicorntastic)