Politics: Ward Sutton imagines popular comic strips from a Tea Party perspective for the Boston Globe. [Robot 6]

Hollywood: Donald Glover's dream of playing Spider-Man finally comes true on "Community." Sort of. [MTV Splash Page]

Lists: Topless Robot takes a look at ten indie comics you should be reading. I especially agree with their #1 choice. [Topless Robot]

Remember those funky shots of Chris Evan in bulky, fake feet playing Steve Rogers? Well, now we know why he had them on. [Super Hero Hype]

Food: Sailor Moon and her scout pals make a beautiful bento box. [Boing Boing]

Art: Lucy Knisley's "30 Wonder Woman" painting for Wonder Woman Day is taking shape and so far, there's not a single jacket in sight. [Super Punch]

Kitchen: The Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles are no strangers to merchandise, but these may be their most contemporary take on glassware yet. [Neatorama]

Animation: It's said that dogs can smell fear. In "Superman/Baman: Apocalypse," Krypto can apparently smell evil, as well. [Comic Vine]

Gadgets: War Machine can guard your MacBook via a new decal. It's decent timing considering today's release of "Iron man 2" on DVD and Blu-Ray. [Gizmodo]

Gaming: "DC Universe Online" game director Chris Cao and creative director Jens Andersen answer new fan questions regarding aspects of the game. From the sounds of things, female characters will be even tougher than their male counterparts. [DC Universe Online]

Webcomics: Moral ambiguity takes all the fun out of crimefighting for the Man of Steel. [Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal]