Movies: The Avengers kicked it in Central Park over the weekend, giving fans a solid look at Black Widow and Hawkeye's new movie costumes. [SHH]

Creators: PvP's Scott Kurtz shares some thoughts on digital and the direct market. [The Beat]

Manga: Dark Horse has a FLCL omnibus planned for 2012, collecting both volumes of Hajime Ueda's Gainax anime adaptation. [ANN]

Animation: There's a new Toy Story action figure commercial that features some fun animation. The voice over work will absolutely may make you want to watch it with the volume off, though. [Moviefone]

Robots: Burning Man attendeesBu didn't get exter-min-ate(d) despite a the appearance of a giant dalek. [io9]

Video: Sometimes a kaiju's just gotta dance, dude. [io9]

Webcomics: Penny Arcade cracks some Super Man jokes at the Justice League's expense. [PA]

Video: Ever wanted to see a timelapse of a stop-motion animated film being made? Joe Clarke is on it as Barry JC Purves animates a Tchaikovsky puppet for a Russian TV segment. [Neatorama]

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