Animation: Michael Emerson of LOST fame will voice the Joker in the upcoming Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2. [TV Guide]

Movies: Following their respective Labor Day weekend runs, The Avengers has made more than $1.5 billion and The Dark Knight Rises has made more than $1 billion. [MTV Splash Page]

TV: New promos for The Walking Dead's third season on AMC are totally bleak, just the way viewers seem to like it. [io9]

Appliances: With fall approaching, now might be a decent time to consider an elaborate Neon Genesis Evangelion humidifier... because why not? [Crunchyroll]

Movies: The latest clip for Dredd 3D is all about making a difference. [SHH]

Crowdfunding: The makers of the impressive Jonny Quest stop motion animated opening sequence we saw last year are back seeking the funds to recreate a full episode using toys. [Kickstarter]

Plush: Ruthanne Wilson's killer crocheted Pokémon may have you wanting to catch all of her creations on Etsy. [Neatorama]

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