Digital Comics: Marvel is releasing Fantastic Four In...Ataque Del M.O.D.O.K.!, Fantastic Four: Isla De La Muerte! and Spider-Man & The Human Torch In...Bahia De Los Muertos!, in both English and Spanish language editions on the Marvel Comics app. [Underwire]

Anime: The first installment of the live action Gantz movie series is coming to the US via advance English-dubbed screenings this January and will eventually be shown in 300 theatres. [Anime News Network]

Webcomics: Sean T. Collins and Matt Wiegle's Destructor is online and looking fine in full color. [Destructor]

Threads: A new Axe Cop tee unleashes the power of Wexter across would-be wearers' chests. [TopatoCo]

Webcomics: Caldwell Tanner and Owen Parsons' "Batman City" strip dares to ask, "If everyone is Batman, then is anyone Batman?" [The Daily What]

Gaming: The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess characters Wolf Link and Midna, along with Darunia the Goron are getting the toy treatment from First 4 Figures. So far the results are snazzy. [Tomopop]

Art: As far as I'm concerned, Greedo did not shoot first. He does, however, look beautiful as illustrated by Florian Bertmer on this poster. [Super Punch]

Sculpture: Optimus Prime is is for real in steel, but transforming in ice is twice as nice... or something. [Nerdcore]

Art: Lego and panorama enthusiast Ulises Farinas gets scientific in a new Wired illustration. [Wired]

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