Gaming: The Penguin graces the upcoming cover of the UK's PSM3 magazine, confirming his villainous role in Batman: Arkham City. [IGN]

Movies: Matthew Vaughn might make a Kick-Ass 2. After all, the first one made a ton of money, ya know? [Slashfilm]

Bad Driving: The Plain Dealer reports that a driver (believed to be a repentant neighbor) drove through a commemorative comic art plate-covered fence at Superman co-creator Joe Shuster's former Cleveland area home. [Robot6]

Art: Dan Hipp zombifies the cast of the Super Mario Bros. games -- including King Boo! [Mr. Hipp]

Movies: Matthew Vaughn talks about money some more -- this time in regards to putting a love song into X-Men: First Class to attract a female audience ala Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" in Armageddon (women love that kind of stuff, right?). Even when I read Matthewwww, the sweetest quotes will never doooooo. [MTV Splash Page]

Gaming: Link and Zelda scratch their heads as Back to the Future's Doc Brown tries to explain TLoZ continuity. Thanks for the tip Dave C! [YouTube]

Art: Noelle Stevenson frames Tolkien's LoTR cast in a modern light with the "Broship of the Ring." [Tumblr]

Movies: Director Albert Hughes, like Keanu Reeves, has walked away from the live action adaptation of Akira. [Deadline]

Art: Nina Matsumoto's "Backseat Gaming" is my kind of videogame character gathering. [Kotaku]

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