Movies: The Wolverine trailer recreated in LEGO makes things seem just a little less grim for ol' Wolvie. [The Brick Fan]


Gaming: Gamestop's Batman: Arkham Origins preorder bonus grapnel prop replica by NECA will look a little something like this when it arrives in October. [NECA]


Toys: It looks like Attack on Titan's colossal Titan is getting a Nendoroid figure in the near future. [Crunchyroll]


Movies: The first photo of star Takeru Satoh on the set of the second live action Rurouni Kenshin movie has surface online. [ANN]


Art: Freeny's cross-section of Papa Smurf reveals the Peyo creations are full of guts and black stuff, just like us. [LaughingSquid]


Toys: Hasbro and Disney have extended their Marvel toy/merchandise licensing agreement through 2020. [Marvelousnews]