Movies: Behold, the righteous cinematic CG beak of Green LanternTomar-Re. [io9]

Speaking of Green Lanterns: The Ohio Department of Transportation is using regular green lanterns to protect its snowplows in bad weather. From what I know of Ohio's winters, they'll need 'em. [Robot6]

Comic Strips: Scott Adams' Dilbert has moved from United Media to Universal Uclick. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Movies: Is Jeremy Renner going to make a cameo as Hawkeye in Thor? It's a possible possibility. [The Wrap]

Covers: Fantastic Four #588 is being promoted as a real end of an era issue, but the fake truth is that the Human Torch and the Thing learned the fusion technique from Dragon Ball Z and are going to become a firey rock dude called the Torch Thing. [Marvel]

Animation: A new Young Justice animated series clip is making the rounds online. It's not just teens saying "Today's the day!" either! [Spinoff]

Toys: Pokémon Black and White may have a few months before they arrive in the U.S., but fans can get their hands on the games' three starting monsters in toy form now. [Tomopop]

Postage: Pixar stars will get the stamp spotlight in 2011 on commemorative stamps from the United States Postal Service. [The Daily What]

Movies: Future Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield not only has the support of previous on-screen Webslinger Tobey Maguire, he also more or less equates Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's work to that of Shakespeare. I like this guy a little more all the time. [BBC]

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