Sales: Top Shelf is currently slinging some major savings across its line, with many TPBs priced as low as $3. [Top Shelf]

Technique: CO2 Comics takes a look at the Ames Lettering Guide, which should make everyone thankful for their Adobe creative suite of choice. [TCR]

Comic Strips: Using a superhero to make fun of politicians scored Wiley Miller's Sunday Non Sequitur strip more than 300,000 views on GoComics in one day, which is apparently more than 10 times a usual Sunday strip's traffic on the Andrews McMeel Universal site. [The Daily Cartoonist]

Video: If you never got a chance to see Michael Kupperman's contributions to Robert Smigel's TV Funhouse, now is your chance to catch the Pablo Picasso short. [Flog!]

Art: Dean Gorissen imagines the Justice League's train commute home after a busy day fighting crime. [Super Punch]

Gaming: Super Hero Squad Online is getting a little more evil with the launch of Villainville. [Comic Vine]
Toys: If you've ever wanted 11 Lego-compatible Doctor Who minifigs in one TARDIS case, now may be the time to act. [Tomopop]

Music: Marimbas make The Legend of Zelda theme a tropical delight. [Topless Robot]

Customs: GrownNerd's custom versions of "The Worthy" versions of Hulk and Juggernaut from Fear Itself are a thing of beauty. [Toycutter]

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