Music: The custom Transformers Autobot logo ukulele by Etsy seller Paul Celantano is exactly what meets the eye in a good way. [Neatorama]

Manga: Viz is currently selling the first volumes of its digital manga series for 20 percent off. The promotion lasts until the end of the day, December 12. [Viz]

Publishing: Cowboys & Aliens publisher Platinum Studios is apparently planning to pay new talent in stock instead of hard currency. [The Beat]

Gaming: The Batman: Arkham City Batman skins pack dropped on the PSN and XBL stores this week. If you've only seen stills, there's a new trailer showing off the skins in action. [Comic Vine]

Previews: Kotaku has a preview of the 12th issue of Pocket God, the digital comic based on a mobile game that's been so successful it's almost enigmatic. [Kotaku]

Video: Kyle Roberts and company roll out a new Marvelous Short that brings fighting Wolverine, Deadpool and... Back to the Future? Minimates to life. You'll want to see this. [YouTube]

Anime: Funimation is now streaming a trailer for Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos. [ANN]

Creators: Jim Woodring has posted a video tutorial that teaches fans how to draw his Frank character. [Boing Boing]

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