Anime: We've been comparing Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers to Pokémon, but the most recent clip of the Toei series makes it seem like perhaps Monster Rancher is the better choice. Just look at those Roller Blades inline skates. [ANN]


Toys: Bandai sure knows how to cut a promo for its S.H. MonsterArts Alien Vs. Predator figures. [Tamashii]


Attack on Titan Monster Hunter

Gaming: It looks like Attack On Titan is coming to Monster Hunter Frontier G. [Silicon Era]


Video: It turns out there is much more to Mega Man voice acting than I'd realized. [Crunchyroll]

Anime: Space Dandy will officially be getting a second season. [Space Dandy]


Video: It's not subtitled in English, but fans may still have fun watching the full Mobile Suit Gundam 35th Anniversary project reception. [Anime Channel]

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