Video: The United States Army is looking for its own Iron Man/War Machine/Iron Patriot-like armors known as TALOS (Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit). [ScreenCrush]


Lego Marvel Super Heroes Ant-Man Black Bolt

Gaming: Marvel has revealed new images of Ant-Man and Black Bolt from Lego Marvel Super Heroes. [Marvel]


Dark Horse The Witcher 1
Dark Horse Comics

Upcoming: Writer Paul Tobin and artist Joe Querio will adapt CD Projekt RED's Witcher video game series in with a new miniseries starting March 19, 2014. [Dark Horse]


Gaming: The Avengers get moving in the upcoming Marvel Run Jump Smash! mobile game. [Marvel]



Animation: Peanuts Worldwide, Normaal Animation and France Televisions are teaming to put out 500 90-second animated Peanuts shorts adapting Charles Schulz's comic strips (of some kind) for the fall of 2014. [Cartoon Brew]


Gaming: Doctor Strange is the next hero headed to Marvel Pinball. [Zen Studios]

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