Art: Ulises Farinas has posted Gregory, his 84-page comic "about being depressed and a sock monkey," in full at his official website. [Ulises Farinas]

Pitches: Brian Clevinger details his unused "New 52" Firestorm pitch while wishing the team of Gail Simone, Ethan Van Scriver and Yildiray Cinar the best. [Atomic Robo]

Comics: With Xombi unfortunately wrapped up for now, writer Josh Rozum wants to know if you'd like to see complete series annotations. The answer is yes. [Josh Rozum]

Gaming: Tom Kennedy introduces Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3's new challengers the cutest way possible. [Facebook]

Apps: JK Parkin talks to Our Love is Real writer Sam Humphries about the recent Image pick-up's pre-order app, which self-publishers will want to check out. [Robot6]

DVD: Twelve 11-minute Adventure Time episodes are coming to DVD on September 27. [MTV Geek]

Gaming: EA's upcoming SSX uses a comic book aesthetic to sell its playable character Zoe Payne. [Joystiq]

Libraries: The building and area surrounding the Center For Cartoon Studies' Charles Schulz Library in River Junction, Vermont are both a mess, according to founder James Sturm, but the books inside are going to be fine thanks to massive volunteer efforts. [TCR/The Beat]

Culture: State of the Re:Union host and co-executive producer Al Letson shares how reading comic books helped him overcome dyslexia and become a writing professional. [Al Letson]

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