Movies: Mark Millar says he and his team have "locked down the most high profile actor of 2010," for the Superior movie. Does that mean Alan Thicke is out of the running? [MTV Splash Page]

Sites: The Silver Age Secrets Tumblr has what you want. [The Beat]

Welcome to the '90s: Pogs, man. Pogs. [EverythingIsTerrible]

TV: Whether you love or loathe Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, you'll probably chuckle at this Robot Chicken promo. [Joystiq]

Gaming: Maicon Costa illustrates the ABC's of videogames. [4ColorRebellion]

Art: A few days back The Daily What asked artists for their take on Darth Vader using only George Lucas' script for inspiration. The results are pretty dope. [io9]

Crafts: This set of hand-painted Doctor Who nesting dolls by Molly Lewis are a true Timelord's treasure. [The Daily What]

Toys: Odin's 3.75" Thor movie action figure seems to have Anthony Hopkins' likeness down pat in this up-close review. [Marvelousnews]

More Toys: First Four Toys' Metal Sonic ain't cheap, but it does look awesome. [Tomopop]

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