Industry: Valiant Entertainment is planning a 2012 comeback lead by former Marvel CEO and Vice Chairman Peter Cuneo has assumed the role of Chairman of Valiant. No word on which characters are included (aside from X-O Manowar, Bloodshot and Harbinger) or what creators are involved. [CBR]

Movies: i09's got a potential Captain America: The First Avenger spoiler in the form of storyboard art. Seriously, spoiler warning. [io9]

Comics: Dan Parent discusses Archie's openly gay pal Kevin Keller's intention to one day attend a U.S. Military Academy and become an officer before pursuing a journalism career. [The Huffington Post]

Video: The incredible true (fake) story of what happened to George Lucas between his '80s heyday and... well, now. [Topless Robot]

TV: MTV's new Teen Wolf series is... getting its own comic? [MTV Geek]

Art: For those who may have noticed Green Lantern's ring missing from Jim Lee's promo art for the upcoming Justice League relaunch, it's totally in his original pencils. [Twitter]

Gaming: Nintendo's 3DS eShop will launch on June 6 and include a free 3D Pokedex, among other things. [Joystiq]

Art: Artist Andrew Degraff illustrates laundry day for the TMNT as part of The Autumn Society's "Shell-Shock - A TMNT Art Show and Tribute" opening today at Brave New Worlds. [WelcomeFriendOrFoe]

Upcoming: Rob Liefeld continues to post previews of he and Robert Kirkman's upcoming The Infinite. The latest one features an OMAC-tastic mohawk slated to appear in issue #2. [RobertLiefeldCreations]