Rob Liefeld Tweets a Death Knell for ‘The Infinite': ‘It’s Over’
The Robert Kirkman/Rob Liefeld collaboration The Infinite apparently isn't going to live up to its name. Responding to a fan asking about upcoming issues of the series on Twitter, Liefeld said quite simply, "Infinite is over."The Infinite launched with some fanfare last summer, as it teamed the Image partner and popular writer Kirkman (Walking Dead, Invinicible) with Image founder and p
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Movies: The Dark Knight Rises' latest Bat vehicle was caught on the streets of Pittsburgh by YouTube user Miclarko and a few others. Provided it's what it looks like, fans can expect the Dark Knight to literally rise. Gaming: According to The Local a Swiss police association wants to ban The Darkness II videogame when it drops in February since certain police are killable in the gameplay... Read
Rob Liefeld and Robert Kirkman Collaborating on ‘The Infinite’
Image Comics' Skybound imprint is about to get massively "Rob'ed." In an interview with USA Today, writer Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld announced their upcoming collaboration The Infinite, a sci-fi action title uniting a soldier from the future (Bowen) with his younger self (Bo) in the name of saving Earth from a world-ending threat...