Image Comics' Skybound imprint is about to get massively "Rob'ed." In an interview with USA Today, writer Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld announced their upcoming collaboration The Infinite, a sci-fi action title uniting a soldier from the future (Bowen) with his younger self (Bo) in the name of saving Earth from a world-ending threat.From USA Today:

"We both like tech gear, James Cameron, Star Trek and Star Wars, so it's a big sci-fi fantasy epic, but it's got a lot of heart," Liefeld says.

This isn't quite the first project Kirkman and Liefeld have collaborated on, although it could end up having the most longevity considering their Killraven collaboration for Marvel circa 2007 never quite manifested and Image United is currently stalled.

The Infinite doesn't have a set release date yet, but in keeping with its sci-fi summer blockbuster vibe, I'd expect fleshed details closer to Comic-Con.

[Via USA Today]

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