Movies: Does the Captain America: The Winter Soldier soundtrack listing spoil the film's twist? Will there even be a twist if you've read hundreds of Cap comics? [ScreenCrush]


Above the Dreamless Dead
First Second

Upcoming: Above The Dreamless Dead, a comic anthology illustrating trench poetry from World War I, will arrive on September 23 from First Second Books. [USA Today]


Video: The Pete Holmes Show imagines taking to Street Fighter's RYU IRL. [PH]

Animation: Japan's NTT Docomo surveyed 8585 of its customers to see who they thought would move animation forward following Hayao Miyazaki's retirement. Top picks included Goro Miyazaki, Hideaki Anno, Mamoru Hosoda, Mamoru Oshii, Katsuhiro Otomo and more. [Crunchyroll]


Gaming: See what happens when TwitchPlaysPokemon puts a Twitch chat room in charge of playing Pokemon Blue/Red all at once. [Arcade Sushi]

Weird Love

Upcoming: IDW Publishing and Yoe Books will collect "the most sexy, bizarre, sick, twisted, politically incorrect, kinky "romance" comics of the 1950s and beyond" in Weird Love this May. [IDW]

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