Threads: It won't split up into individual lions, but the Voltron deluxe hoodie will adorn wearers with the combined might of cat robots, cotton and polyester. [80s Tees]



Tokusatsu: The Dinosaur Sentai Zyuranger (localized in the US as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) team is rumored to play some role in Toei's upcoming Kyoryuger Vs. Go-Busters movie. [Henshin Justice]


Marvel x Burton

Clothing: Marvel and Burton have teamed up for new outerwear just in time for snowboarding/skiing season. [Burton]


Gaming: The latest trailer for One Piece Unlimited World: R for the 3DS not only demonstrates combat, it also sees Straw Hats fishing and catching bugs. [Crunchyroll]


Pacific Rim Play Imaginative

Toys: Pacific Rim toys are coming from Play Imaginative, which more than likely means a whole lot of metal is in the future of PR fans. [PI]


Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Deluxe Edition

Gaming: European fans can look forward to a special "Goku Edition" of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. [AGB]

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