Dancing: Hugh Jackman and Psy recently kicked it Gangnam style while rocking adamantium claws on the set of The Wolverine. [Robot 6]

Conventions: Roughly 116,000 people attended New York Comic Con this year. Around half a dozen of them were your friendly neighborhood CA editors and contributors. [ICv2]

Toys: MattyCollector is now taking pre-orders for its upcoming $250 Masters of the Universe Classics Castle Grayskull. [MC]

Toys: The Jelly Empire's new superhero inspired vinyl figures will likely appeal to DC fans. [Tomopop]

Contests: The Pinocchio Vampire Slayer team is currently holding a pretend-to-be-an-impaled-vampire cosplay contest just in time for Halloween, with prizes including PVS comics aplenty. [PVS]

Crime: A 14-year-old male student in Japan allegedly stabbed his 30-year-old female teacher with a ball-point pen after having his unnamed manga confiscated. Bakuman bros the world over are all, "SMH." [Crunchyroll]

Gaming: It looks like Domino will be joining Deadpool in some capacity in his upcoming video game from High Moon Studios. [Joystiq]

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