DC likes to keep it in the family, it would seem. The Wrap reports that Jason Fuchs, the pen behind the script for 2017’s planned Wonder Woman solo film, has now signed on to write the impending vehicle for DC’s extraterrestrial hellraiser Lobo. Though the man’s track record isn’t exactly spotless, having most recently been responsible for whatever the hell Pan thought it was doing, DC has faith that he won’t royally Fuchs this one up as well and has entrusted him with what could be another major franchise.

First introduced during the ’80s as a ruthless villain and later adjusted to fit the grungy antihero mold so popular during the ’90s (think Punisher, but an alien), Lobo remains a fan-beloved but little-known property in DC’s roster. An alien who travels around the galaxy as a no-nonsense bounty hunter/mercenary, kicking ass and taking extremely difficult-to-pronounce names. With his long, ratty tresses, perma-stubble, bulging muscles that vaguely resemble bags full of cement, spike-and-chain arm adornment, and penchant for cigars, Lobo was modeled after a biker-gang archetype dominant in comic books at the time, but his rough and tumble appeal has endured for many readers. The Wrap suggests that Fuchs will not work from any specific storyline from the comics in his script, preferring instead to build him from the ground up, though the report also mentions that the reporter not reach presiding studio Warner Bros. for comment.

Fuchs’ script will go to previously announced director Brad Peyton (the man behind the calamitous disasters of San Andreas), leaving the casting of Lobo himself as the next major decision for this gestating production. They need someone mountainous, someone tough, someone with edge, and most importantly, someone who isn’t the Rock, because he’s already agreed to play Black Adam in a planned Shazam movie. Who shall step up to become the bargain-basement version of The Rock this production needs? And will this be DC’s answer to Deadpool? Only time shall tell.

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