In terms of most-anticipated superhero comics of 2017, Steve Orlando and Ivan ReisJustice League of America has to be up there towards the top. With a stellar creative team and a diverse and interesting roster including Vixen, The Atom and The Ray, the new Justice League promises to showcase the true face of 21st century heroism in bold, exciting superhero stories that are increasingly rare these days.

While the first four members of the team were announced earlier this month at New York Comic Con, today DC has unveiled the rest of the line-up, which includes veteran members Black Canary and Batman, and the surprise addition of everyone's favorite bastich bounty hunter, Lobo!

The line-up was revealed today in an IGN interview with Steve Orlando, who explained some of the reasoning behind the new members' places on the team. As we already know, Justice League of America launches out of the upcoming Justice League vs Suicide Squad crossover event, but it's going to be a specific moment in that story between Batman and Killer Frost that inspires The Dark Knight

Black Canary was a major player in the DC Universe before the publisher relaunched its line in 2011, but since then she's been keeping a relatively low-profile as a street level hero, often as a supporting character. Her elevation to the Justice League is a long-time coming, and as a co-star in Green Arrow and Batgirl and the Birds of Prey, this makes her one of the most visible characters in DC's line.


Reilly Brown
Reilly Brown


Lobo, on the other hand, has never been a member of the Justice League, and is more often than not portrayed as an antagonist to other heroes. He was reinvented as a handsome heartthrob in recent years, which was met by derision by a sizeable portion of DC's fanbase, and his reversion to the gruff and grizzly Main Man keeps in line with the overall back-to-the-roots approach of DC Rebirth.

Justice League of America launches in February, but is preceded in January by four one-shots spotlighting four of the new members of the team; The Ray, The Atom, Vixen, and Killer Frost.


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