On shelves in comic shops today is Scalped #60, the final issue of the critically acclaimed Vertigo series. Created by Jason Aaron and artist R.M. Guera, Scalped takes place in Prairie Rose, a fictional Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Described in the series as "a third world nation in the heart of America," Prairie Rose, or simply "the Rez," is riddled with organized crime, alcoholism, political corruption and abject poverty. As such, it serves as a perfect setting for this story of crime, honor, family, and the struggle of an oppressed people to preserve their cultural identity.

Since 2007, Scalped has been one of the most highly regarded series of the last five years, by both creators and critics alike. Of note, it is also one of the longest running series in American comics history with a non-white protagonist and a mostly non-white cast. It's difficult to show too much of the final issue without huge spoilers, but with the series coming to a close today, Vertigo has provided ComicsAlliance with a brief preview. Check out a few pages after the cut.

From Vertigo's website: "Five years and sixty issues of life on the Rez, and it all ends here. Don't miss the conclusion of this modern noir masterpiece."

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