Lou Scheimer, an animation producer whose work spanned four decades, has passed away, according to his biographer. One of the founders of the animation company Filmation, Scheimer worked on several memorable cartoons, from Mighty Mouse to Star Trek: The Animated Series, but is best known for his contributions in the creation of Fat Albert And The Cosby Kids, He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe,
and She-Ra, Princess Of Power.

Scheimer was an animation pioneer whose work played a large role in Saturday morning cartoons becoming a staple of television programming in the 1960s, one that continues today. Aside from being a producer, due to early budget constraints he also did voice work for several characters, most notably Orko, Stratos and King Randor from He-Man and Dumb Donald from Fat Albert. In addition to producer and voice work, Scheimer was credited for the musical score to He-Man, under the pseudonym of Erika Lane (a combination of his children's names, Erika and Lane).

Scheimer passed away Thursday at the age of 84.


[Via CNN]