Experience Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker as never before with the Limited Edition Star Wars ARTFX Statue from Kotobukiya. With 29 statues already created ranging from Jango to Boba Fett, Kotobukiya has established a reputation for detailed and beautiful figures that true fans can display proudly. This tradition continues with Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader – Ralph McQuarrie version, the 30th Star Wars statue form Kotobukiya to celebrate Star Wars 30th Anniversary.

This 1/7 scale statue is pre-painted, comes on a base that measure 16.5 inches long with Vader being the taller of the two figures at 11 inches. This is a limited edition, one time print figure, numbered to 7,097 total worldwide (1,977 Japan, 3,030 in North America, 1,250 in Europe and 840 in Asia Pacific). The figure itself if based on the original concept art of Ralph McQuarrie. He was a design consultant on the original Star Wars trilogy and worked with Lucas script to create this visual of Luke against Darth Vader. While the early image of Vader would soon become a reality, Luke is a wee-bit different. Now that the details are covered, onto the figure itself.
You'll see a nice visual of the figure, Luke and Vader together on one side, McQuarrie's original art on the opposite side with Luke and Vader also adorning each end of the package. There is a numbered sticker on the package stating which figure and which region your figure is from. Once you open the package, go through some take it's a simple process of snapping together the arms, legs, torso, sabers and cape. Luke was very, very easy to assemble, seconds as the package states, but Vader gave some issues with his left leg. It fits now, but I had to really force it in. Great thing is you can't even tell, it looks great.
The figure of Luke in the original painting is draped in yellows and seen from an around the back angle. The craftsmen at Kotobukiya did an outstanding job constructing the unseen front side of Luke, even giving him a similar chest and harness unit to his dear old daddy. The uniform is reminiscent of something you'd expect to see on a Rebel soldier, but was not translated to the silver screen. The leg strapped blaster reflects more Han Solo than Luke, but it also fits. The lightsaber is a different color and design than what we see in the movie. The breathing apparatus Luke wears is here, and removable which reveals a very detailed face. Scuff marks on the unit are very detailed. For an image very hidden in the original art this is one fine looking figure, a side of Luke little seen.

Finally we have Darth Vader, the true reason you'll buy this figure. The mask is a bit more menacing with a more feline look, like a samurai as the box clearly states. The leg strapped blaster never saw the light of day, but is finely detailed and reproduced. The flowing capes, around the neck and waist look great, and are very sturdy. For the life of me I cannot recall the waist cape, but when I've looked into the final Vader figures it's there on some, not on others. This version of Vader seems sleeker, faster and much more mobile than the final film version. The overall package and how it was recreated from a flat piece of art is outstanding. I'm a huge fan of figures, but they have to be up to snuff, proper scale, and properly painted. This version of Vader and Luke shows a side not often seen by the average Star Wars fan, and is a great reproduction for the 30th Anniversary and is a fine member to the already stellar line of Star Wars figures from Kotobukiya. Don't believe me, check out more Star Wars figures from Koto here.