Some of you may remember that Lumberjanes, easily one of our favorite comics of the year, was originally slated to be an eight-issue miniseries. Fortunately for everyone, it was upgraded to an ongoing by virtue of being completely rad, but next week marks the release of the eighth issue of the series from Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis and Brooke Allen, closing out the first arc of friendship, merit badges, and creepy, creepy woods. And as you might expect for the start of a final chapter, things are not looking so good for our heroines.

On the bright side, they're finally cracking the mystery of just what's going on and why they've been caught up in magical doings involving Greek dieties, so that's a plus. On the down side, Jo has been turned to stone, and April is about ready to freak out into murders. Check out the intensity in the first five pages, exclusively here at ComicsAlliance.









The official solicitation is as follows:

Authors: Noelle Stevenson & Grace Ellis
Artist: Brooke Allen
Cover Artist: A. Noelle Stevenson B. Natalie Andrewson INCV
Price: $3.99
Synopsis:This crazy war between Apollo and Artemis finally reaches its peak and it’s up to the Lumberjanes to save their camp from this crazy sibling rivalry. All questions are finally answered and the scouts learn the true importance of trust and friendship.
Lumberjanes #8 will be out on Wednesday, November 19.