For most pop culture aficionados, Lynda Carter is best remembered as the star of the "Wonder Woman" television series from the mid-70s, but she's been involved in several other projects, including a series of variety specials that aired in the early '80s. And it is on one of those that Carter produced what is unquestionably the most baffling, mind-blowing and generally insane moments of her career. has unearthed video of 1980s "Encore," which would already sound crazy for being an hour-long variety show that featured guest appearances by Merle Haggard and Tom Jones (who sadly did not collaborate on what would've been the world's strangest version of "Fightin' Side of Me"). The crown jewel, however, is a sequence in which Carter performs a medley that includes her covering both Kiss and Bette Midler. And if you catch the video after the jump, it'll be the craziest thing you see today.

I was made aware of this video by WFMU's Evan "Funk" Davies, who described it as "Lynda Carter belts out some classic Bad Company and more (so much more)," and brother, he wasn't kidding. The best thing about the video is that after the first minute, it just keeps getting crazier. Think Lynda Carter's Tina Turner cosplay was weird? Wait'll you see her hanging out with the Broadway version of KISS. And if you think that's as crazy as it gets, please enjoy her dancing with gorillas in tuxedos while wearing a bunch of bananas as a dress.

Actually... if DC decides they need to redesign Wonder Woman's costume again any time soon, I'm pretty sure that last one might just work.

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