Artist Robert Burden has painted a nostalgic series of portraits based around the action figures he played with as a child in the 1980s, including characters from Marvel and DC Comics, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles," "He-Man" and "Voltron." As he explains on his website:

"My current paintings are epic 'portraits' of the small action figures that I played with as a boy. I remember these figures as being magnificent." They represented power, beauty, morality, and they captured every aspect of my imagination. As a young adult, these toys are wonderfully nostalgic, but they're no longer amazing to me. I want to depict the toys as fantastically as they were in my younger imagination."

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There's also a time lapse video of Burden painting the armored "He-Man" Battle Cat and "Voltron" pieces, which is cool, but also kind of touching when it starts plucking the nostalgic heartstrings. A small sampling of his work:

Battle Cat


The Riddler


Captain America


The Foot

See more at Burden's website.

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