Whether he's drawing tiny heroes like The Atom or knockout, high-powered ladies like the Enchantress, Mahmud Asrar has proven himself to be an exceedingly capable hero book artist over the last decade on titles like Dynamo 5 at Image and Shadowland: Power Man for Marvel. If you were lucky to catch him in his early days on Dynamo with writer Jay Faerber, you know that he's even polished his style a bit since then.

You may have even had the good fortune to encounter him at a show, despite the fact that he's based way off in Turkey, and if that's the case, he may have produced something along the lines of these Black Cat, Flash and Catwoman pieces that he's shared on his personal blog and deviantART account.

He uses soft colors, but they're always accompanied by some razor-sharp line work and an uncanny sense of body movement and emotion. Too many artists out there overlook some of these most basic elements in superhero art, but Asrar tends to make such things look effortless and lets his poses and concepts do the talking.

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