It's going to be just a little late for Halloween, but on November 15, San Francisco is going to transform into Gotham City for a day and a 5-year-old named Miles will be its Batman.

That's what the little Dark Knight, who has leukemia, told the Make-a-Wish Foundation he wants, and the plan is to fill his day with fighting bad guys such as The Riddler and The Penguin.

Miles will start out the day "training with adult Batman," who will drive a for-real Batmobile around the city. His first act of heroism will be saving a woman tied to the train tracks in Nob Hill. Then he'll catch the Riddler robbing a downtown bank. After that, things get really dramatic.

Batman will eat his lunch at the Burger Bar in San Francisco – directly above Union Square.  While at Burger Bar, he will get a call on his batphone to go to the window – where he will look down and see a huge group of volunteers jumping up and down asking for Batman’s help.  Why?

Because the Penguin will be kidnapping a famous Gotham City mascot!  The getaway car will be visible on Union Square (a convertible so that everyone can see what is happening), and the chase will be on!

The day will wrap up with Miles earning the key to the city.

So if you're going to be in San Francisco on November 15, it'd be worth your time to volunteer. You'll get to say you helped Batman catch The Penguin, and not just in Arkham Origins.

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