With the exception of Wesley Snipes, David S. Goyer and Sticky Fingaz from Onyx, I'm willing to bet that I have spent more time thinking about the Blade movie franchise than any man alive. I mean, just that vertical suplex at the end of Blade II alone has taken up a considerable percentage of my thoughts over the past 12 years. And yet, it never occurred to me to request that Man At Arms, the series of videos featuring master swordsmith Tony Swatton re-creating famous pop culture weapons that was last seen building a real-life Pokémon, take a shot at Blade's glaives.

Fortunately for everyone who enjoys seeing fictional weapons stabbing real-life soda bottles, several other people took the initiative on that one, and the result is that the world now has three brand-new razor-sharp vampire killin' weapons. Check out a video to see the process (and some gratuitous stabbing) below!



In the interest of historical accuracy, it should be noted that Blade's "Glaive" is not actually a glaive at all. The word properly refers to a French polearm similar to the Japanese naginata, used from the 14th to 16th centuries, and which can be wielded by anyone with a Martial weapon proficiency to deal 1d8 points of damage. Also in the interest of historical accuracy, vampires are not real. Still, this one does a nice job with stabbing, although I would've liked to see it thrown around a little like it is in the movies -- it seems like holding that thing in the middle would be insanely impractical.

There is one element of the video that I would object to, and that is that i was absolutely terrified upon seeing this:


Blade's glaive, Man at Arms


Dude! You should not have long hair out that close to a spinning lathe! You are literally going to die if you do that!

Seriously, I was shaking with fear for that guy's scalp until the scene cut to show more forging. Watch at your own risk.


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