Between Injustice: Gods Among Us and Justice League: Earth's Final Defense, fans have had no shortage of video game brawlers starring Superman of late. With the release of Man of Steel on June 14, though, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Phosphor Games Studio have announced they'll loose a specifically movie-flavored option for fans on iOS and Android, plus Google Play and the Amazon Appstore the same day for roughly $3-5 depending on the device. The 3D-fighter will, of course, put players in control of Superman as he squares off against film antagonists and fellow Kryptonians General Zod, Faora and others on the Kent Farm in Smallville. Bonus content includes unlockable costumes seemingly specific just to the film (stuff like space suits and armor), meaning fans probably shouldn't expect electric Red/Blue DLC suits.From the game's official description:

Developed by Phosphor Games Studio, Man of Steel provides players with two diverse game modes. Featuring custom, console-quality cinematic sequences, Story Mode transports players directly to Smallville, the Kent Farm and other familiar settings to battle General Zod and save Earth from its destruction. In Survival Mode, fans see how long they can last against a progressively more difficult swarm of Zod's forces. Players can share their scores with friends to see who the ultimate Man of Steel is, as well as upgrade their skills and unlock new suits by winning battles and earning experience points along the way.

The release is sort of significant in that it's the first solo Superman video game since the similarly mobile Superman HD by Tiger Games and Chillingo Ltd, which dropped in 2011 but has since been removed from iTunes. Given that Superman console titles (and movie tie-in titles in general) have historically fared less-than-critically-successful, this is potentially the meatiest game fans will get from the Man of Steel merchandise rollout. You can see what you think of the trailer below.

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