This week's Licensing Expo 2012 may not have yielded much information about the plot of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's upcoming Superman movie, Man of Steel, but some crazy Kryptonian fashions were on display to give some insights into the film. Coming Soon snapped full shots of Henry Cavill's Superman suit, of course, in addition to Russel Crowe's similarly S-shield emblazoned Jor-El duds, and the combat suit Antje Trau will don as a minion of General Zod known as Faora. Fans who aren't fond of the new Superman suit's muted colors, textured fabric, silvery piping and distinct lack of low-rise red briefs probably won't be converted by these new images, but when shown side-by-side with the other Kryptonian garb, it's clear that its design sensibilities are consistent with his alien brethren. You can see what you think by taking a closer look at some of the Man of Steel costume photos after the jump.

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