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Superman Costumes Galore At The DC Comics Booth [SDCC 2013]
  From the 1950s Adventures of Superman television show to this summer's Man of Steel, Superman has made several memorable appearances on both the small and big screen. And with each new TV show or film comes a change -- sometimes minor, sometimes significant -- in his iconic costume. At the DC Comics booth at this year's Comic-Con, in celebration of Superman's 75th birthday nearly all of his cost
Parting Shot: This Fake ‘Man Of Steel’ Ad Needs To Be Real
At Comic-Con in 2008, I stepped onto a hotel elevator and instantly found myself in the sky. At least, it felt that way. It was actually a very creative ad for Pixar's Up that involved painting the inside of the elevator to look like the sky from the film, with Carl's balloon-powered flying house in the corner, looking to be off in the distance...
The ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Gets Sweeded [Video]
The second Man of Steel trailer came and went a few weeks back and left many longtime Superman fans lost in a swirl of conflicting emotions. Zack Snyder's vision for this movie seems pretty moody, but could still deliver plenty of Superman's trademark hope and heroism...