The second Man of Steel trailer came and went a few weeks back and left many longtime Superman fans lost in a swirl of conflicting emotions. Zack Snyder's vision for this movie seems pretty moody, but could still deliver plenty of Superman's trademark hope and heroism. Dust Films distracts us all from stressing too much and potentially over-analyzing the trailer's less than three minutes of footage, however, by recreating the trailer shot-by-shot with a lo-fi Sweeded version.

The iphone-shot recreation isn't quite as dramatic as the official trailer, but at least Pa Kent's awkward apathy is actually amusing in this one. What's more, those who aren't digging Henry Cavill's costume may enjoy the Sweeded Superman suit in all its besocked (and action figure-y) glory. You can compare the Sweeded version of the Man of Steel trailer to the original to your Kryptonian heart's content, below. It might just make you believe a DC Collectibles Justice League Superman action figure can fly (with the aid of a human hand).

Sweeded Man of Steel Trailer

Official Man of Steel Trailer


[Via Blastr]

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