One of the great comic book traditions is the notion of the team-up. Sometimes that means a strong collaboration between creators, while other times it refers to an alliance between unlikely superheroes. In the case of "Scalped" writer Jason Aaron and "Man vs. Food" host Adam Richman, I think it's safe to say that they qualify for both categories and more.

A pairing sure to make Marvel's talent guru and noted food expert C.B. Cebulski foam at the mouth, Aaron and Richman recently joined forces for currently unknown purposes, as a photo tweeted by Richman informs us. While the nature of their alliance isn't fully known, the events that led to their meeting are a bit clearer.

"I think you're a complete genius," Richman told Aaron on Twitter almost a month ago. "Heard ['Man vs. Food'] got mentioned in one of your books and I'm honored! Looking forward to next Scalped!"

"Wow, thanks, man," replied Aaron. "I mentioned MvF in Punisher Max #6. Love the show. Come to Kansas City."Either Richman obliged Aaron's request to come to Kansas or the two creative forces united under other circumstances, but one thing is clear - these titans would be a considerable force to reckon with on both the competitive eating circuit and as comic book collaborators. Here's hoping it isn't long before we see Richman and Aaron united for a future creative endeavor, possibly even on an episode of "Man vs. Food!"

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