More and more, TV and film actors of the DC universe have been able to appreciate one another’s shared roles. We’ve seen one Flash digging another’s costume, and now Arrow star Manu Bennett weighs in on Joe Manganiello taking the role of Deathstroke to the big screen for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie.

Granted, Bennett hasn’t appeared in the Deathstroke costume since Arrow Season 2, and hasn’t guested on the series in any official capacity beyond Season 3; the erstwhile Slade Wilson shared a reasonably enthusiastic reaction to Joe Manganiello taking over the role in film, by proposing to take Manganiello’s old gig in return:

How do you feel about that, Joe?

Joe Manganiello Deathstroke Manu Bennett

Well, if nothing else, we know Manu has the moves for it. Why not combine the two?

Worth noting, we’ve heard Arrow bosses claiming Deathstroke was earmarked for another project long before Manganiello’s casting was announced, though Legends of Tomorrow did manage to incorporate the character’s son, while Arrow Season 4 snuck in a brief non-speaking cameo. Stephen Amell certainly thinks Arrow has something missing without Manu Bennett, but is Deathstroke relegated to the big screen forever?

Which of the two might make the definitive Slade, and/or stripper?

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