The Land of Ooo is home to many emotional souls, but the Earl of Lemongrab is perhaps the most high-strung of them all - and that's the way Adventure Time fans like him. As such, artist Liz Prince will metaphorically crank the character to 11 in the special "Fruit Salad Days" backup in next week's Adventure Time: Marceline and the Scream Queens #3 from Boom Studios. Backing up a main story by regular series writer/artist Meredith Gran, Prince takes readers through a typical day in the life of Lemongrab. Unfortunately for him, the lemonheaded Earl finds most of his routine unacceptable. Fortunately for fans, his outbursts are wonderfully translated from animation to comic form thanks to Prince's highly acceptable sequential art skills. You can read three pages from Prince's Marceline and the Scream Queens #3 backup and check out covers by JAB, Andy Hirsch, Yuko Ota and Vera Brosgol after the jump.From Boom!'s official solicitation info:

The band's tour is underway, and the Scream Queens are rocking their way from one end of Ooo to the other! But Marceline isn't convinced that they totally rule... Will a rival band be enough to derail the tour for good?

You can check out three pages from "Fruit Salad Days" from Adventure Time: Marceline And The Scream Queens #3 below.

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