Curious to see what your favorite ladies in comics might look like as pin-up models for posters around Coney Island? Maria Danalakis specializes in artwork that may put your desires to rest. From Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman to Hermione and Elektra, Danalakis draws them all with eyelashes ready to bat holes through your heart.You may not see them along the boardwalk any time soon, but Danalakis does have a couple of galleries shared on her blog and Etsy account. That means that if you want to hang Harley or Hermione up in your room, she can totally make that happen.

The gals are lovely, elegant and kissed with just a tiny bit of nostalgic flair. So whether you're into looking at old-school designs or re-imagined takes on Catwoman and Little Red Riding Hood, check out Danalakis' art and embrace the feminine wiles that she captures so well.