First off, before you get all excited about ordering up wall-fulls of My Little Pony stained-glass windows, you need to know that Marissa Garner's artwork is only available in print form on Etsy. That said, her gorgeous concepts for illuminated Sailor Moon, Batman and X-Men mosaics are definitely inspirational.Garner, who also makes comics and shares her work via her personal website and deviantART account, goes all out with her glass-like designs. Professor X, in particular, projects a soothing vibe that may provide a little comfort when hung above your workspace.

From the iconography to the individual panel shapes, she has obviously put a lot of thought into these prints. Whether you prefer to have Spidey, Batman or a horned pony watching over you at night, she's got you covered. Explaining to your friends or significant other how you got affiliated with the Church of Doctor Octopus may take some time, however, so be sure to think that over.

[Via Geek-Art]