Summertime means sunny skies, but harsh light isn't always kind to your favorite original art pieces. Fortunately there's one medium that actually looks better the more light you pour on it: stained glass. Inspired by her video game developer son, artist Judith Mascolo has been producing one-of-a-kind pieces that translate fan favorites such as The Avengers logo, Totoro, the TARDIS, Mega Man, The Beholder of Dungeons and Dragons fame and many others into colorful stained glass creations. The pieces range in scale and complexity, but they all share dead-on likeness that pop both indoors and outside. Her Catbus and B.P.R.D. logo pieces seem like just the kind of thing collectors would clutch like a baby if they found one for sale during a comic convention. Like a lot of comic book artists, Mascolo takes commissions for custom pieces at her site, and judging from her portfolio, it looks like she'll be able to handle anything you throw her way with aplomb. Take a look at a selection of Mascalo's Nerd Glass pieces after the cut.

[Via Nerd Glass]

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