Art: Reviews are still coming in for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, but we can see for certain that Jesse Phillips' posters commissioned by Mondo look awesome, at least. [Mondo]

Movies: Despite not generating the kind of moolah they might have hoped for so far, Warner Bros. is moving forward with a Green Lantern movie sequel. [THR]

TV: T-Mobile spokeswoman and unintentional Saturn Girl cosplayer Carly Foulkes has been cast as Retro Girl in FX's Powers pilot. [SuperheroHype]

TV: DC Comics and USA have teamed for a free Burn Notice digital comic by writers Ryan Johnson and Peter Lalayanis and art by Tony Shasteen. [iFanboy]

Lego: Kevin Walter gets big ups for crafting Sauron's Barad-Dûr for Brickworld 2011. That eye is peering deep into my soul. [Tumblr]

Trailers: This new trailer for the upcoming Avery & Pete: Superseeds movie seems to support Ziggy Marley, Joe Casey and Jim Mahfood's Marijuanaman concept that pot might give you powers.

Upcoming: If you're not in the mood for more Bayformers action this summer, the Shout! Factory's Transformers: The Japanese Collection -- Headmasters DVD set containing 35 episodes of animated G1ish goodness will arrive in stores on July 5. [Shout! Factory]

Indie: Brain Vann, a 74-year-old grandpa from Evesham, Worcestershire has transformed his electric scooter into a Batmobile. We approve. [Geek Tyrant]

Art: Jeff Burnette's glass rayguns are a thing of beauty even if the prospect of one shattering in zero gravity is a bit horrifying. [io9]

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