Fans of Mark Hamill's voice work as the Joker in the animated "Batman" universe now have an extra reason to pick up "Batman: Arkham Asylum 2," as the video game sequel marks his last time ever playing the Clown Prince of Crime.

"This will be my last, there's no question about that," Hamill told IGN. "But it's the last hurrah."

Of course, if "Arkham Asylum 2" performs anywhere near as fantastically as the first game, Rocksteady Studios is bound to pursue a third game. Even so, Hamill won't return, which could portend a grim ending for the Joker when "Arkham Asylum 2" rolls around. But based on Hamill's words, the fact that he came back for these last two games is nothing short of a miracle for "Batman" fans everywhere."When they said, 'We want you to come back [to the role of The Joker] and do Arkham,' I said the same; 'I left on a high note, I don't think we could ever top that,'" he recalled. "But they said, 'We got Paul Dini,' who was my favourite ever Joker writer, 'and Kevin Conroy,' who I love. This was a real reunion and a very pleasant experience. So of course I relented, but I had no idea it would have the impact it did."

As for the challenges presented by the Joker of "Arkham Asylum," Hamill said: "In Arkham Asylum, since it wasn't based on the animated version, it was as nasty and gnarly as it could be, since it was aimed at an older audience. So it gave me a way to justify The Joker."

Source: IGN

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