Writer Mark Russell and cartoonist Shannon Wheeler hope to bring readers the very best Bible stories that didn't make it into The Bible (or perhaps just lost something in translation) in their informative but disrespectful adaptation Apocrypha Now, the follow up to their previous Biblical adaptation, God is Disappointed in You.

Published by Top Shelf, the book features Russell's prose accompanied by Wheeler's New Yorker-esque cartoons, and we have an exclusive preview of their take on the destruction of Sodom.





In a press release, Mark Russell explains how this is a natural follow-up to the first book:


The stories of the Bible underpin history and our communal artistic and literary heritage, regardless of our religious affiliations, so Shannon and I created God is Disappointed in You because we thought it was important to make those stories accessible to, and entertaining for, a modern audience. Then we discovered that, like every best seller, the Bible has a sequel --- the Apocrypha --- so, of course, we had to tell these more obscure stories in our tongue-in-cheek way, and Apocrypha Now was born.


Shannon Wheeler has expressed surprise that God is Disappointed in You didn't meet with more backlash from Christians, and was even embraced by some in that community. "It’s great that ministers bought God is Disappointed in You to help teach The Bible," he says, "and we hope an equally diverse crowd will discover whole new stories in Apocrypha Now.”

Whether you're just interested in Biblical stuff (but not too thin-skinned) or you're a fan of Russell's recent Prez reboot or Wheeler's Too Much Coffee Man, this may be a book you want to check out. Apocrypha Now arrives in bookstore May 31st.


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