All the WonderCon buzz this weekend is about DC Rebirth, but DC Comics dropped some more information about another line of comics this weekend in Los Angeles, namely the new Hanna-Barbera titles. At a panel on Friday, we got a closer look at some of the titles, including Amanda Conner’s designs for The Flintstones, and a detailed look into how bizarre Wacky Raceland is going to be.

On Friday’s panel, DC confirmed that their Hanna-Barbera titles are in a loose continuity with each other, and the events of Scooby Apocalypse feed into the future of Wacky Raceland and even further into The Jetsons' future, although there is no Jetsons title announced presently. We got more information on Wacky Raceland by Ken Pontac and Leonard Manco at the panel, including more detailed looks at the character and vehicle designs by Mad Max: Fury Road’s Mark Sexton.

In what is possibly a cover to Wacky Raceland #1, we’re given our first look at how the children’s cartoon characters are updated for a Mad Max-esque post-apocaylptic future. Dick Dastardly leads the group shot, having apparently joined the band Korn since we last saw him, and Muttley is no longer a sniggering mischief maker. Instead he seems almost rabid and has on some sort of exoskeleton that is apparently an evolution of the device Scooby Doo wears in Scooby Apocalypse.


DC Comics
DC Comics


Penelope Pitstop has been given perhaps a more drastic makeover straight out of Grant Morrison and J.G. JonesMarvel Boy, as she seems to be cosplaying a pink variation on Oubliette, AKA Exterminatrix. It’s too soon to tell why Penelope Pitstop has gone from her classic look to something so severe, but just presented with this image with no context, it’s hard not to be concerned by the direction of this makeover.

Elsewhere on the cover, we can see what looks to be like the Slag Brothers to the left, The Ant-Hill Mob behind Dastardly, Professor Pat Pending at the very top, and Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear just below him. While we’re not certain who the strapping young gentleman next to Dick Dastardly is, it’s most likely Peter Perfect who we hope retains the irony and aloofness the cartoon version had, rather than straight up being the square-jawed action hero the cover presents him as.

There’s still not much information floating around about Mark Russell's The Flintstones, but we did get to see more Amanda Conner’s designs for the modern stone-age family. Out of all the Hanna-Barbera comics announced so far, this one seems to adhere closest to the cartoon, although there are design sheets showing Pebbles and Bam-Bam as tweens as opposed to their usual toddler selves. It does now seem that Amanda Conner is the artist on the book, whereas before she was only announced as contributing designs, but this is yet to be confirmed by DC.

Check out our gallery above for all of the covers and design pages from Hanna-Babera Beyond.

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