Marvel Comics confirmed at Saturday's "Cup O' Joe" panel at C2E2 the relaunching of its Daredevil title with a new issue #1 from the new creative team of writer Mark Waid and artists Paolo Rivera and Marcos Martin. The series debuts in July of this year and will truly begin a new era for the Man Without Fear, following more than a decade of exclusively gritty, heavily noir-influenced stories that have utterly dismantled the life of poor Matt Murdock.In contrast to the work of creators Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev, Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark, and Andy Diggle & Antony Johnston, who depicted Daredevil as a particularly tortured figure in an especially dark setting, Mark Waid is known for his more reverent approach to classic superhero characters and their worlds. Indeed, the preview artwork by Marcos Martin and Paolo Rivera seems to suggest a brighter and more classically "comic-booky" interpretation of Daedevil, which many longtime readers will no doubt welcome after more than ten years of superlative grimness. However, Waid is a writer unafraid of exploring the dark sides of his characters, as demonstrated by his work with Irredeemable and Potter's Field, and he is likely to surprise us with his work on the title.

An all-new era for Matt Murdock begins here, as he returns to New York to reclaim his life and the mantle of Daredevil! But for a man who's suspected of being Daredevil-and of the actions in Shadowland-how can he possibly become a lawyer again? Will the super heroes of New York accept that Matt is a hero they can once again trust? One thing's for sure- Murdock is back to protect the city he loves and he's jumping head first into danger, because there's nowhere else he'd rather be!

A new direction for Daredevil begins here as legendary writer Mark Waid, joined by the rotating art team of superstars Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin, bring Daredevil back to his roots and then take him in directions you never imagined!

Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera & Marcos Martin's Daredevil is one of three major relaunches under Marvel's "Big Shots" initiative, by which major creative teams take over relatively B-list characters. The other Big Shots titles are Moon Knight by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev and Punisher by Greg Rucka and Marco Checchetto.

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