Spoiler alert: Martian Manhunter is dying this week.

Just kidding, guys. Martian Manhunter has been dead for quite a while. What he is doing, however, is returning from the great beyond in action figure form, courtesy of the second wave of 'Blackest Night' action figures from DC Direct.

The latest series hits stores tomorrow - not to be confused with capital T.O. Morrow, who makes no such appearance - with a line-up including the aforementioned Black Lantern version of Martian Manhunter, John Stewart of the Green Lantern Corps, the ever-compassionate and nameless Indigo, and the baby-stealing Kryb of the Sinestro Corps.

DC Direct notes that each figure comes equipped with a display base, and there are certain unique accessories per toy as well. John Stewart and Indigo boast versions of their own respective lanterns, while Kryb is packaged "with a baby accessory that fits into the cage-like sack affixed to her back."

I couldn't make that up if I tried. Manhunter doesn't have any particularly cool accessories to speak of, but that's alright - this is Black Lantern Manhunter we're talking about, after all, and that's cool enough as is.